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The new 2024 USGS National Seismic Hazard Model released Tuesday 1/17/24 shows where damaging earthquakes are most likely to occur in the United States. The previous version was released by USGS in 2018.

Earth Quake - Are you ready for the big one?

Here at Homefront Emergency we offer the best in quality and the best in value earthquake kits and supplies. Each kit contains products recommended by FEMA Homeland Security and the Red Cross. All of our kits contain survival supplies like emergency food, drinking water, lighting, first aid and communications.

Why have TWO Earthquake Survival Kits?

When a large earthquake strikes, local, state and federal government expects everyone to be self-sufficient for at least 3 days. And in catastrophic circumstances such as a mega-quake, it might take a week or longer for rescue or help to arrive. Having enough food, water and other essential emergency supplies in the house will be a key factor in how well you and your family get through the ordeal. Having a EVAC or commonly called a “Bug Out “emergency kit is equally as important. For example if the earthquake is large enough to destroy your living area and you are NOT able to get to your supplies you will remember how smart you were to have a 72 hour emergency supplies kit or EVAC-Kit located at another location or where it is easily accessible. Not everyone has the resources to have an underground prepper’s shelter but most have a spare closet a garage or storage shed that is easy to gain access to. Many people store their EVAC-Emergency Survival supplies in a closet as close to an exterior door as possible. All you have to do is be a little creative.
The following Survival kits are an excellent choice for earthquake preparedness depending on your needs.
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