"Earthquake Country"  One Person 3-Day Survival Kit

"Earthquake Country" One Person 3-Day Survival Kit

"Earthquake Country" One Person 3-Day Survival Kit
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Product Description

Our basic essentials One Person EARTHQUAKE Preparedness Kit has been UPGRADED! For the BEST earthquake survival kits choose Homefront Emergency

This 1-Person 3-Day "Earthquake Country" Emergency Backpack Survival Kit includes the essentials an adult needs for 3 days of survival in an emergency: 7200 calories of food, 3 liters of water, warmth, light, first aid and hygiene. Food and Water has a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. It also now includes our Dynamo 4-in-1 Flashlight, Radio and Cell Phone Charger!

Kit Contents:
2- 3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bars – 3 Days @ 2400 cal./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life *
3- Aqua Literz Emergency Drinking Water for 3 Days @ 33.8 oz./Day, 5-Year Shelf Life *
1- Dynamo Radio & Flashlight Hand Crank Powered 3-LED, AM/FM Radio & Cell Phone Charger
1- Emergency Mylar Blanket Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
1- Emergency Poncho with Hood – Protect yourself from the rain
3- Cyalume Green Lightsticks – 12 hours of light in an instant *
3- Protective Nuisance Dust Masks – Prevents dust and germ inhalation
1- First Aid Kit – Comprehensive 36-piece first aid kit packaged in a hard plastic case *
1- Safety Whistle – Blow loud for immediate rescue attention
1- Hygiene Kit 20 pieces includes everything you need to maintain sanitary conditions *
Contains: 1   Rinse Free Shampoo 2.0oz.
              1   Hand & Body Lotion 4.0oz.
              1   Clear Deodorant Stick .5oz.
              1   Clear Shave Gel .85oz.
              1   Disposable Dual Blade Razor
              1   Antibacterial Soap #1
              1   Toothbrush
              1   Gel Toothpaste .60oz.
              1   Pocket Tissue Pack
              1   7" Black Hair Comb
              1   Washcloth 9" x 13"
              9   Sanitary Cleansing Towelettes 5" x 7"
              1   Packaged in a Clear 6" x 9" 4mil Bag

All Packaged in a Heavy Duty 4-Pocket Hiker Adult Backpack
Weighs just 13.50 LB.

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