Office & Commercial Survival Kits
1-1000+ Employee's

Your Business or Office should be prepared for any emergency

Prepare your business to cope with emergencies by preparing in advance:
It is important to "BE INFORMED-HAVE A PLAN-AND GET AN EMERGENCY KIT" for emergencies such as Earthquakes-Hurricanes-Severe Weather-Terrorism-Active Shooter Lockdown etc.
Emergency Preparedness should include critical necessities for your employees survival in case you have to Shelter in Place following a natural or man-made disaster, terrorism or other emergency.
Homefront Emergency is a long time recognized supplier of top quality survival products, which include a variety of home / office survival kits and other items which can be used to keep you prepared for all kinds of emergencies including natural disasters, terrorism, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Homefront Emergency Survival and Emergency Kits are top quality, simple, comprehensive and affordable for your home or business. An emergency situation or disaster can happen quickly and without warning. It can confine you and your employees for several hours or even days. Emergency services may be cut off or overwhelmed by the incident.
Choose from our wide range of office survival kits and first-aid supplies depending on your needs.
Need large quantities or customized kits. Please CONTACT US.
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