HeaterMeals: Self Heating Ready to Eat!

Dear Customer:1/19/2022

HeaterMeals EX - HeaterMeals PLUS - HeaterMeals PLUS EX - Cafe2Go are now available to ship.


HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go

Homefront Emergency now offers these HeaterMeal Products

HeaterMeals Entrees Comes with everything needed for A Hot Meal Anytime, Anyplace. Here is how it works.


HeaterMeals EX Entrees Meal Kits
The Self-Heating Meal, Designed for Extended Storage HeaterMeals EX Entrees have up to a 5 year shelf life, based on the production date, and offer a simple, long-term planning solution for emergency feeding

Heater Meals EX

HeaterMeals Plus Meal Kits
The Self-Heating Meal Plus All The Fixings. A HeaterMeals Entree with snacks & beverage providing a tasty full course meal. up to a 1 year shelf life, based on the production date, and offer a simple, long-term planning solution for emergency feeding.

Heater Meals Plus

HeaterMeals Ex Plus Self-Heating Entrées
Designed for Extended Storage.
Available in a variety case of 12 meal kits featuring 2 each of the 6 mouthwatering meals. The food in HeaterMeals EX PLUS is fully cooked, safety-sealed in a high barrier, flexible 4-layer foil pouch; then heated again under pressure to assure a safe, easy-to-store meal and ready-to-eat meal which retains its natural moisture, texture and taste.HeaterMeals EX Plus offers up to a 5 year shelf life when stored properly.

Heater Meals Plus EX

The Self-Heating Beverage Kit

Each Cafe2Go Kit provides everything you need to serve 18! You add the potable water, and in minutes, Cafe2Go lets you savor hot beverages on the go.

Cafe 2 Go Self-heating Beverage Kit

Why HeaterMeals or MREs?

When speaking of shelf-stable, self-heating food entrees used for mobile emergency feeding, there are two names that have become the standard in the industry – HeaterMeals and MREs. There is a major difference between

HeaterMeals and Commercial MREs.

The key difference, is in the makeup of the food. In an attempt to meet the nutritional requirements of civilians, HeaterMeals provides entrees for a wider array of dietary needs. Of the six varieties of HeaterMeals Entrees, two are reduced-sodium “heart healthy” entrees, one HeaterMeals EX meal has only 3 grams of sugar, and we also provide Vegetarian entrées. Compared to MREs and other emergency shelf-stable meal options.

HeaterMeals offer 35% to 70% less sodium content.

HeaterMeals also offer the widest variety of meal selections for people of all ages and dietary needs. In public shelter feeding situations, the age of those being served may range from children through senior citizens. There is a HeaterMeals variety for almost everyone.

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