Code-Red Emergency and Survival Kits

Code-Red Emergency and  Survival Kits
Code Red Survival and Emergency kits reviewed best in quality best in value for 2020.

Homefront Emergency is a long time recognized supplier of top quality survival products, which include a variety of home / office survival kits and other items which can be used to keep you prepared for all kinds of emergencies including natural disasters, terrorism, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Code Red Survival and Emergency Kits offer simple, comprehensive and affordable first aid kits, auto roadside emergency kits and survival kits for your home or business. Our CODE RED SURVIVAL Kits are designed and tested by firefighters and disaster specialists.

Our Code-Red Survival Kits are not your ordinary survival kit.

Code-Red Kits are available in several different configurations based upon your needs.

The Code RED Duffel Bag Pack is ideal for on the go or as a ‘bugout “ bag.
Our Code Red re-sealable (water tight) and Port-a-Potti Bucket Packs are great stored at home or the office in the event the unexpected happens. Our Code RED BLS emergency and survival kits are structured as Basic Life Support.
We also have the perfect kit for apartment and high-rise dwellers.

What is the difference: Code Red Survival Kits and others?

#1. Quality - When disasters happen and you need to access your emergency supplies the last thing you need is poor quality or unnecessary items.

#2. Product Assortment- Each kit is jam packed with more quality products than other kits offered at much higher prices.

#3. Easy Up-grade- with our new 7-day food / water kits.

Code Red Survival-Pak

Due to CA. COVID restrictions and product demands we are experiencing ship delays of CODE RED kits 2-3 weeks. We are working hard to improve this and thank you for your patience.

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