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On the web since 2005. Rick Hardin a former Rural Paramedic, American Red Cross Disaster Chairman, Disaster Specialist, and Volunteer Fireman, Fire Chief, Disaster Workshop specialist, and owner of Homefront Emergency “ We are dedicated to customer service excellence, and delivering the highest quality products to our customers at the best prices possible. ” Disaster Preparedness education is extremely important to businesses and individuals. Knowing what steps to take before, during and following any major disaster can make the difference. Homefront Emergency offers onsite workshops and training as well as business Disaster Preparedness consulting.

With over 25 years experience Homefront Emergency is the preferred source for disaster and emergency survival supplies for Home, Schools, Government and Business.

We help individuals and communities prepare for
EARTHQUAKES, TORNADO'S, HURRICANES, FLOODS, PANDEMICS even TERRORISM. Prepare now with home and office survival kits, roadside emergency kits, first aid kits and supplies for any emergency.

When Disaster Strikes it's too late to prepare.

That is the unfortunate truth. The good news is you can be prepared with emergency supplies to help you, your loved ones and co-workers through the first 72 hours or more following any disaster or those unexpected emergencies. PREPARE YOUR HOME FRONT TODAY..

Owned and operated by Veterans, Firefighters and Disaster Relief Specialist and their families with over 30 years experience.

HOMEFRONT Emergency is a preferred and registered vendor for Disaster and Emergency products and supplies. We provide products as well as Disaster and Emergency Preparedness consulting to government, businesses, corporation’s large and small, schools, colleges, hospitals, CERT, non-profit as well as State and Federal agencies and individuals.

HOMEFRONT Emergency is a subsidiary of HFe Consulting recognized as the disaster preparedness professionals for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness consulting and workshops.

We are primarily an e-commerce internet company and do not manufacturer nor operate a brick and mortar store. Our business offices are located in Northern California.

HOMEFRONT Emergency provides products at low competitive prices throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. We have established partnerships with a number of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers throughout the United States in order to provide our customers with top quality products and services at competitive prices.

Some of the products we provide are custom designed for HOMEFRONT Emergency at our required specifications in order to provide you a superior product and value.

In order to keep costs down for our customers we ship from a number of distribution centers across the USA. We provide electronic order tracking for all customer orders.

HOMEFRONT Emergency “Rescue Rick” forum is a product of nearly 30 years experience in firefighter, paramedic, disaster relief and emergency responder experiences.

Our expertise in disaster preparedness is second to none.

Homefront Emergency is the exclusive producer of CODE RED SURVIVAL KITS. We also provide other top quality emergency kits and supplies . We include a variety of Home and Office Emergency Kits and supplies. You will also find a huge selection of emergency preparedness products for individuals, professional responders, volunteers, CERT, Search and Rescue, State and Federal agencies , FEMA Organizations, Public and Private Schools, Universities, Institutions, Medical Centers, Corporations, Small Business and other public and private agencies. We specialize in SURVIVAL KITS and First-Aid Kits and Supplies for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Terrorism, Floods, Fires, Storms, Power outages, and Tornado’s. We also have a large selection of CODE RED Auto Emergency Kits and Supplies and basic highway emergency kits for your needs.

Emergency Supplies provided by Homefront Emergency include CODE RED Survival Kits,Mayday, Survivor, Guardian, Bridgeford Sandwiches, Sure-Pak Sopako MRE’s, Survival Cave Freeze dried foods, Wise Foods, Heater Meals and other major brand emergency supplies. LONG TERM EMERGENCY FOOD STORAGE and Emergency Food, Freeze Dried Foods, MRE’s “Meals Ready to Eat”, food bars, water storage, water filters, water packets and Home Survival Kitsand supplies, Emergency First-Aid Kits and Supplies, personal safety, -Flu Kits and Personal Hygiene Kits. You will also find first aid kits, medical and disaster kits, emergency preparedness kits, water filters, food rations, Tools and Supplies safety goggles, gloves, n95 masks, evacuation masks, smoke masks SAFETY SUPPLIES, personal hygiene supplies, EMERGENCY FOOD RATIONS and EMERGENCY DRINKING WATER, food storage and water storage containers, emergency heat and heating supplies, EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHTS and RADIOS, solar and wind up radios, weather radios and light sticks are the important principals to any home or Office Emergency Survival Kit. Our selection, low prices, secure and easy check-out and our dedication to customer service excellence is why Homefront Emergency is the number one choice for disaster and emergency preparedness.

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