Earthquake Fasteners and Supplies
Child Safety Fasteners

Earthquake Fasteners and Supplies<br>Child Safety Fasteners
When an Earthquake strikes, the main cause of injury or death is unsecured heavy toppling objects. Being prepared is your best defense against Earthquakes.
A critical part of Earthquake preparedness is securing furniture and breakables, having a well-supplied emergency kit and having a plan.
With Quake Hold it’s the easy way to secure household and office items like TV’s, furniture, pictures, computers, file cabinets and appliances. They are inexpensive and provide safety for you and your family. Excellent for the home or office. Today more and more people are working from home many with a “home office”. These products can help provide safety reassurance for you and co-workers at home or at the office.

Not just for earthquakes! We all know the need to protect small children from falling objects like dressers, hanging pictures, cupboard doors, and securing access from hazardous items.

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