Quake HOLD 70" Flat Screen TV Strap

Quake HOLD 70" Flat Screen TV Strap

Item# hfe4516
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Product Description

New to the range of QuakeHold! products is the upto 70" Flat Screen TV Safety Strap. It has been developed to prevent modern LED, LCD and Plasma flat screen TVs from toppling over. This product is for use with the TV’s existing rear bolt holes. It features two strong, coated nylon straps with locking buckles.
  • Each strap must be screwed into the existing mounting plate on the back of the TV
  • Lock straps into buckles
  • Remove the plastic strips from the base of the buckles
  • Press buckles on to the tabletop in the desired location
    Straps are hidden from view. No holes have to be drilled and there’s no damage to furniture or equipment. Secures large flat screen TVs from 40” to 70” and 150 lbs.

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