Radios - Lighting - Communications

Radios - Lighting - Communications
Emergency Lighting and Radios

During an emergency or just a power outage most likely your going to need a FLASHLIGHT and a Portable RADIO for information.
We offer a wide selection of Multi-Purpose flashlights, lanterns and portable radios.
Hand Crank ( Dyno) powered flashlights - Combination flashlights/radios , LED flashlights and standard operation flashlights and radios.
We have multi-purpose flashlights and radios that use the sun during the day to charge the batteries so you can have light at night. We also have flashlights that have a dynamo crank for emergency charging at any time.

Everyone should have a rechargeable radio and flashlight or solar lantern for emergencies. Our radios and flashlights can provide peace of mind in an emergency or just a power outage when ever you need portable light also, great for recreational use.

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