HomeFront  Liquilite Survival Bottle

HomeFront Liquilite Survival Bottle

Item# sb1l

Product Description

Why the Homefront Liquilite Survival Bottle?
This is one bottle that could save your life. Or at the very least help you get thru a difficult situation. Ideal for Earthquake, or severe weather. Power outage at home, office, on the go. Even Emergency LOCK DOWN Preparedness.

The Homefront Liquilite Survival Bottle is a Bright Multi-LED flashlight plus an Emergency Beacon and LANTERN.

Light modes include Dim, bright, flash and SOS. YES and itís also a large 25oz. Water Bottle with spout.

The super Bright Multi LED flash light can be activated while attached or easily detached from the bottle. Light base can also be reversed on the bottle light then shines thru the bottle to use as a LANTERN. Add cool colored water for special effects.

The bottle serves as a compact yet rugged storage area for many essential survival items. Easily stores in the office desk, car, backpack, school locker, just about anywhere. It also attaches to most bicycle bottle carriers. Also comes with a carry strap and batteries INCLUDED.

The bottle is made of High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) for strength and durability. Unlike poor quality promo-bottles and store bought water containers which begin to breakdown and will leak in less than a year. The HOMEFRONT Liquilite Survival Bottle is a must for your preparedness kit and makes for a "GREAT GIFT ITEM". Durable, Safe and Easy to Use. No flames, fuels or fumes, high density. Bottle is dishwasher safe. Safe for all ages.

This is a unique item has been imitated but never duplicated.

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