Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food With Preparedness Seeds

Preparedness Seeds 

In these uncertain times, many people have begun to grow and store their own food to prepare for the possibility of commercial food shortages in the future.  You will find people from all walks of life are filling up their spare rooms with buckets of wheat, oats, beans and cans of freeze dried foods, meats and vegetables. From the serious “Preppers” to average families concerned about what the future may have in store.
There is a general consensus that the time has come to “hunker down” and prepare for hard times. Still many ask, “What will we do in six months or a year when the stored food runs out?” Or, “What will we do when our friends and family come to us for help and because we choose to share; our year’s supply of stored food now only lasts for three months?”  

These are important questions:

Bottom line, we will need to be able to grow our own food. And, in order to grow our own food we must have SEEDS. Seeds contain the the promise of life if carefully stored, planted and nurtured. They are the beginning of self-sufficiency and independence. 

Storing Seeds Long Term

1. The seeds must be non-hybrid. A non-hybrid seed will produce a plant from which seeds can be harvested and planted the next year; This is essential since the goal is to be able to produce food every year.
2. Seeds must be kept out of moisture; Even moisture fluctuations in the air will degrade their life expectancy.
3. Seeds must be kept cool. A sealed container of seeds will store four to five years on a shelf at 70 degrees. Seeds stored in a root cellar, refrigerator or freezer will store much, much longer.

Preparedness Seeds is the Answer

 Preparedness Seeds may prove to be important to your Survival / Preparedness plan. Both our Garden Can and Culinary Herbs Can contain only non-hybrid, non-GMO varieties that are packaged for long term storage. Because the Prepardeness Seeds are a non-hybrid, this seed may be harvested year after year, creating a self-perpetuating source of food in hard times.
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