Code Red Ultimate 20 Person Commercial Survival Kit

Code Red Ultimate 20 Person Commercial Survival Kit

Item# hfeCDR20

Product Description

Our new Homefront Emergency 20 Person Commercial Survival Kit
can help you and your co-workers get through the 48 to 72 hours after the BIG Earthquake, Hurricane, Severe Storms or even Terrorism. Perfect for large and small offices and commercial buildings. This kit like all CODE RED KITS is designed by emergency specialist and professionals. It is designed for quality, quantity and mobility.
The choice of products in this kit have been selected for one reason, to help you and your co-workers survive immediately following a disaster or emergency event.
Included, is a great selection of emergency supplies you will need is packaged in two large duffel bags on easy Roll-About wheels and 2 tough PVC storage buckets with Gamma resealable lids.
The gamma seal reinforcement that we attached to the top of the bucket works much better for an emergency toilet then using a plastic toilet seat attachment, if you should have to use one of the buckets as an emergency toilet.
Unlike other survival kits our CODE RED 20 Person Commercial kit includes more drinking water and nutritional food bars than any other 20 person kit on the market. Plus unlike other survival kits we include an assortment of manufactures and flavors of food bars.
All of our food bars and water are US Coast Guard approved and have a certified five year shelf life.
Shipping weight is 135 pounds ships UPS

2 –Deluxe EZ pull RED Duffel Bags on wheels
2 –Code Red Buckets with Gamma RE-Seal LIDS
10 –Aqua Literz 33.8 oz. water ea. 
1 -234 pc. First Aid Kit
1 -55pc. Bucket Toilet Sanitation kit. Includes 12-Bucket linners,Toilet Paper, and toilet treatments etc.
10 –Emergency whistles
1 –Megaphone Bull Horn 
1 –Flat Pry Bar
8-AAA Batteries
1 – Solar/Hand Crank or Battery powered NOAA AM/FM Radio flash light
1 –12 LED HAND CRANK powered Lantern 
2 –Heavy Duty ZEON bulb Flashlights  
1 –GOOP hand Cleaner
1 –Box of 20 dust masks 
1 –Get Help 911 Sound AIR Horn 
1 -1/4" x 50' Rope
1 –NON-Sparking 4 in 1 Gas Water Shut off Tool 

10 –Pairs Heavy Duty Work Gloves
6 -4” Rolled Gauze
2 -Disposal Splints (medium)
2 -8x10 Poly Tarps
20 -2400 Calorie Food Bars
20 –400 Calorie Millennium Energy Bars 
20 -Large Solar Blankets (84"x52")
6 -12 Hour Light Sticks 
3 –Redi-Wash 8 Pk Shower in a Bag
4 -"D" Size Alkaline Batteries
2 – Walkie Talkies
1 –Water Purification Germicidal Tablets (50ct.)
2 -12”x30” Large Trauma Dressings
2 -10”x30” Trauma Dressings 
2 –Safety Bump Helmets 
2 –Safety Glasses 
2 -Duct Tape 10yds.x 2" 
2 -Utility Knives


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