10-Person Office Emergency Survival Kit:
Emergency supplies for 10-people for up to three days.
Emergency food and water have a 5 year shelf life
10 Person Deluxe Office and Workplace Emergency Survival Kit

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Product Description

This 10 Person comprehensive emergency survival & disaster kit is designed to support up to 10 people at their workplace in the event of a major disaster like earthquakes and severe storms for up to three days.
Kit contains emergency lighting, first-aid supplies, safety items, emergency food and water have a 5 year shelf life.
For Small to medium size office or facility.Great Kit for the department structured work place.

Purchase in multiple units. Incorporate these kits in your Disaster Prepardness Response Plan.
Kit Includes: 10—2400 Cal Food Ration 10—25 oz. Water Packs 10—Solar Blankets 1—8x10 Tarp 2—Work Gloves (pair) 50—Germicidal Tablets 12—Toilet Liners 10—Wet Naps 50—Waterproof Matches 1—AM/FM Solar Radio 6—12 Hour Light Sticks 1—123 Piece First Aid Kit 1—5 pack of Candles 5—Latex Gloves (pair) 1—Toilet Chemicals 1—15” Pry Bar 1—‘D’ Cell Flashlight 2—Code Red Batteries 1—300’ Caution Tape 10—Dust Masks 2—Port-a-Potties