Supports up to 20 people for three days with needed Emergency Survival and Disaster Supplies.
20 Person  Deluxe Commercial Disaster Emergency Response Kit on WHEELS

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Product Description

The Deluxe Commercial Kit is ideal for Businesses, Office Buildings, Government, Schools, Churches, Department Stores, Grocery Stores, Manufacturing.
This COMMERCIAL Style Kit can support up to 20 people for three days with needed emergency supplies like first-aid, light extrication,food, water,sanitation and a lot more.
The kit is easy to store, and easy to transport in the included large rugged container on WHEELS. Container also protects the items while stored until ready o use.
Ships by truck: For three or more kits CALL us for quantity pricing.

This DELUXE Commercial kit was designed for the business community preparing for Emergencies and Disasters. For large commercial facilities multiple kits can be easily stationed in different areas. Contents Includes:
Deluxe 20 Person Emergency Kit on Wheels

(1) Yellow 50 Gallon Container on Wheels (20) 2400 Calorie Apple Cinnamon Food Bars (120) Single Emergency Water Pouches (1) Plastic Sheeting (10' x 25') (1) Rescue One First-Aid Kit (20) Large Solar Blankets (84" x 52") (20) Adult Ponchos (10) 12 Hour Light Sticks (1) 6-N-1 Survival Shovel (3) 8 Pack Shower in a Bag (1) Mega Mite Bull Horn (3) "C" Size Alkaline Batteries (1) 36" Pry Bar (2) Commander Walkie Talkies (4) Pair(s) "AAA" Rocket Batteries (1) Germicidal Water Tablets (50 Pack) (1) 5 Gallon Water Container (1) Hand Pump for 5 Gallon Water Bottle (1) General Use Toilet Paper (1) Folding Port-A-Potty (1) Box of Medium Vinyl Gloves (100 count) (2) Super Bright Dynamo Flashlights (1) Dynamo Flashlight w/Cell Phone Charger and Radio (1) Deluxe Personal Hygiene Kit (1) 300' Yellow Caution Tape (1) Red "DANGER" Caution Tape (1) First Alert Fire Extinguisher (43 oz) (1) Duct Tape 50 Yards (1) Box of 20 N95 Dust Masks (1) Bio Blue Toilet Chemicals (Pack of 12) (1) 1/4" x 100' Rope (1) 3 Pack Bungie Cords (1) 4-N-1 Gas and Water Shut Off Tool (2) Utility Knifes (12) Heavy Duty Work Gloves (2) Distress Banners with Poly Bag (12) Metal Whistles with Lanyard (1) Solar Dynamo with Flashlight (2) Disposal Splints (Medium) (2) Disposal Splints (Small) (1) 20 x 24 Vinyl Tarp This item will be shipped via freight loaded on a pallet.