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Why Should We Prepare For Emergencies?

In recent years, FEMA and the American Red Cross estimate 60,000 plus natural and man-made disasters occur annually. This includes hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, hazardous spills, civil disturbances, explosions, transportation accidents and terrorism.

Emergency services and government agencies may not be able to respond immediately to your needs. History has shown time and again that people who prepare experience less disruption when emergencies occur, and are able to resume their lives more quickly than those who do not prepare.

Being prepared can save your life, minimize damage to your property, and help you recover more quickly following an emergency. Remember "When Disaster Strikes...It's too late to prepare"


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Why should you purchase your emergency supplies from Homefront Emergency?

We offer FEMA, Homeland Security, Red Cross and Firefighter approved emergency and survival kits to help you thru the first hours and days following any disaster or emergency event.

Our Emergency and Survival Kits are reviewed "The best of the best!" by Disaster Specialist and First Responders. All of our CODE RED kits are assembled here in the USA. Each kit contains Food Rations, Safe Drinking Water, First Aid items, Emergency Lighting, Communications, Hygiene, Shelter and Warmth supplies. Choose from Emergency Survival Kits for School Lockdown, Home Emergency Kits, Office / Workplace Emergency Kits, and Backpack Kits.

Homefront Emergency CODE-RED Survival and Emergency kits are all top quality and best in value. Our Foodbar Rations are non-thirst provoking, safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nut oils. Additionally, our food bars and water are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and certified to store safely for 5 years from date of manufacture. We also offer the best in Shelf Stable Ready to Eat sandwiches and MRE’s, meals ready to eat with and with out flamless heaters. Our Canned Meats, Freeze dried and Dehydrated Long Term food products have 25-35 year storage. Rick Hardin owner of Homefront Emergency. “Our goal is to provide top quality products and service excellence "Guaranteed.”

What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • "You have a great selection of emergency products. Although my order was lost by the shipping company your customer service was right on top of it and you found my order and it was delivered right on time. I love working with you guys. You are truly professionals. I certainly would recommend you to anyone. Thanks"

    -Lora (Concord, CA)

  • "I had purchased survival products for our office last year from another online store. When I received my order several items were missing. When I called their customer service they said they must have been out of those items. March I ordered the Homefront Emergency Roll-About kits and we just love them plus they arrived perfect. Thank you. I will certainly order from you again "

    -Janice M. (Baltimore, MD)

  • "I needed some emergency kits for our large office building. Your website and customer service made it easy and we are very happy with the products. Glad to know there is someone out there who knew what they were doing since we had no idea what we needed. "

    -Nick H. esq. (Seattle, WA)

  • "Love your Roll-About Kit. Perfect for my high rise apartment. I have told all my friends about you guys."

    -Suzanne D. (New York, NY)

  • "Thank you for helping us finally getting our family prepared. We live in a hurricane area and needed an emergency kit we could easily take with us if we had to leave. I would certainly recommend you to anyone "

    -Amy (Brownsville,Tx.)

  • ” I Ordered the Readywise 720 serving package. Good experience with this company. Delivered in a timely manner, even with the Covid restrictions going on. They contacted me after I placed my order and let me know it could take an extra week due to demand. I like the fact they communicated with me and kept me informed. Great experience. I'll definitely be ordering again”.

    Sandy M. (Salt Lake City, Utah)

  • ”Had to wait 3 weeks for my meat order but this company contacted me and let me know it was going to be a 3-4 week back order due to the COVID19 demands. Great company to work with, kept me updated along the way. Got my order. Great service.

    -Matt D. (Eugene,OR.)

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