Personal Protection STUN GUN 100,000 VOLTS

Personal Protection STUN GUN 100,000 VOLTS

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Product Description

A STUN GUN-An alternative for personal protection.Produces 100,000 volts. Uses a 9 volt battery (not included. 1/2 Second will cause muscle spasms and dazed mental state. 3/5 seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. One year warranty.

General Information:
What’s the difference between a TASER and a STUN GUN?TASER devices and stun guns are actually quite different and therefore governed by different laws.
Both TASER devices and stun guns use electric shock to immobilize an attacker. However, stun guns require direct physical contact with the assailant, and TASER devices do not.
Despite the name, stun guns don't look much like guns at all! To use a stun gun, you must be close enough to hold the device against the body of an attacker. The electrical prongs on the stun gun overload the attacker's nervous system and muscles in a matter of seconds.
Stun guns are usually smaller, and easier to use than TASER devices. They come in many shapes and sizes. Stun guns can look like brass knuckles, flashlights, lighters, keychains, cell phones, you name it.
Taser Devices, on the other hand, look much more like guns and can shock an assailant from up to 15-20ft away. Taser Devices are what most people have seen in movies or watched police officers use: pulling the trigger of a conducted energy weapon shoots out electrical probes that immobilize the attacker from a safe distance. TASER devices are larger, harder to conceal, and require good aim to be effective.

The sales of Stun Guns are ILLEGAL in the following States and Cities. We do not ship this item to following locations;
Stun guns are legal to own in all of the United States, except the following:
  • Hawaii- Illegal to buy/sell or own a stun gun
  • Massachusetts- Illegal to buy/sell or own a stun gun
  • Rhode Island- Illegal to buy/sell or own a stun gun
  • Michigan- Illegal to buy/sell or own a stun gun
  • City of Chicago- does not allow buying/selling or owning stun guns.
  • Wisconsin- allows stun guns, but with restrictions.
  • Connecticut -Though legal, you cannot order a stun gun by mail.
  • New York- As of Spring 2019, you can now order / own a stun gun in NY.
    Other than these places, to our knowledge you are free to purchase and carry a stun gun with no legal restrictions.

    Who Can Buy a Stun Gun?
    Assuming you live where stun guns are legal, there are only a few basic restrictions to buying this self-defense tool.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You cannot have a felony record
  • Stun guns are only for self-defense
  • If you are a minor, or intend to use a stun gun as an attack weapon to commit a crime, you cannot buy a stun gun.
  • Most states where stun guns are legal, you don't have to buy a permit, go to any training classes, or even conceal your stun gun while you carry it.
    By purchasing this item you understand: It is the purchasers responsibility to check your local laws for legal use and or the possession of stun guns in your area. You also understand any stun gun can cause bodily injury and is intended ONLY for an emergency situation of self defense. This item is NOT a toy and NO person under legal age of 18 should posses or use this product. You also state you are of legal age 18 years or older.

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