XMRE Lite - 600-900 Calories Case of 12 Assorted MRE Meals

XMRE Lite - 600-900 Calories Case of 12 Assorted MRE Meals

Item# xmrec12

Product Description

The XMRE Lite Extended Shelf Life MRE are pre-cooked and ready to eat right from the bag, or can be heated with the optional FLAMELESS HEATER. The complete meals contain 600-900 calories for a quick, energizing meal you can eat anywhere. A huge benefit of these XMRE Meals is that they do not require water to prepare or no refrigeration to store. From backpacking, road trips to emergency preparedness kits, the XMRE MRE Lite is a great food source to have on hand just in case.XMRE products are made in the USA.

Each meal XMRE Lite is freshly packed in waterproof and lite weight packaging.
  • Military spec 8 oz. entrée pouches in each meal
  • Light in Calories - 600-900 Calories each meal.
  • 12 Meals per Case / Variety of 3-4 different menus per case
  • Waterproof pouch- Weightless configuration and design
  • Shelf life: 3 years for military components and 1 year for commercial components
  • Entree: Variety of beef, Pork, tuna, chicken or vegetarian.
  • Snacks: Varieties of snacks corn nuggets, bread items, cookies, pastries, fruit mixes, bars, side dishes or other snacks.
  • Menues are based on product available
  • Accessory Kit Includes: Utensil(s)/Napkin
  • XMRE products are made in the USA. The XMRE® Lite is packed with the best components on the market. These lightweight and waterproof XMREs are the perfect option for outdoors, emergency planning, humanitarian relief, food banks etc.

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