Vomit & Urine Clean-Up Kit ( Box of 12 Kits)

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Vomit & Urine Clean-Up Kit (Box of 12 Kits)

Disposable kit provides efficient, safe and sanitary removal of vomit, blood, feces,urine and other potentially infectious substances. According to CDC recommendations and other studies, after gross contamination is removed, a 1:10 dilution of 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite for a contact time of 10 minutes is recommended for clean-up of blood and body spills.

This is a complete kit that provides efficient, safe and sanitary removal of vomit, blood, feces, urine and other potentially infectious substances.

Fully compliant with recommendations of the CDC - Center for disease control.
OSHA - Occupational safety and health administration and the HHS - U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services APIC - Association for Practitioners in infection control.

1 ea. - Clean-up absorbent pack
1 pr. - Latex disposable gloves, medical grade
1 ea. - Scoop, waterproof michelman coated
1 ea. - Scraper, waterproof michelman coated
2 ea. - Bio-hazard red plastic bags with twist ties
1 ea. - 8 oz. pour bottle chlorine concentrate
1 ea. - Disposable towels
1 ea. - Antiseptic hand wipe

8oz powder crystals to sprinkle on mess.
Disposable gloves, Scoop and scraper to pick up mess.
A Bio hazard bag to put mess in and tie to tie closed.
Powder pack chlorine to mix with water and pour onto area to sterilize. Leave 10 minutes and wash or wipe as final clean up.
3 towelette pack to wipe final clean up.
Hand wipe in packet to sterilize hands.
Exact contents and packaging may very.

Case of 12 clean-up kits.