Travel Max Drinking Straw

Travel Max Drinking Straw

Water, Water, Water Anytime Anywhere!! Water Filter Travel Straws
Drink from any water source in the world with the MAX Survival Water Filter Travel Straw.
Item# hfe_wa21

Product Description

11 separate water purification filters between you and your water source.
530 Gallon/2000 Liter capacity. Ideal for Hiking/Biking/Camping and Excursions into Foreign Towns.*
Exclusive Hi-Density Filter System utilizing 0.01 micron Membrane/GAC and MIR Poly-Iodine Technology. (This is the upgraded model from our original highly effective & popular pen-size Water Filter Travel Straw:(ASIN:B00GR8N0QA)
The Water filter straw is compact: only 6.5" long x.75 wide. Fits in any pocket, purse or backpack and is much easier to carry than a water filter bottle.
Features attached closable top and bottom end caps to prevent after-use dripping and outside contamination during storage.
The result: 99.9999% crystal clear, bacteria, heavy metal & odor free water from any water source in the world! Go on your foreign trips with confidence! Travel from the US to Mexico and on to Asia and anywhere in between and know that the H2O Survival Water Filter Travel Straw max has you covered.
Suffering from bad water or montezuma's revenge is no joke!
It could be the difference between a great trip or a disastrous memory.

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