Survival Cave 5 Can 28oz. or 5-14.5oz Variety Samplers

Survival Cave 5 Can 28oz. or 5-14.5oz Variety Samplers

Item# scf-supspVT

Product Description

This is a great way to sample Survival Cave great tasting meats.

Choose a 5-28oz. cans or 5-14.5oz. cans Survival Cave Meat Variety 1 each: Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Ground Beef and Pork/ 45servings.
The Survival Cave production process is simple. They use an old-timey method called slow-pressure canning to cook and keep your meat good for a long time. It's like the way your grandma might have done it! Here's the entire process.
  • 1. They only buy meat from 4 local USA farmers. (nothing outside of America thank you)
  • 2. Then only use hand-selected cuts of meat with no fat or grizzle and add a trace amount of salt.
  • 3. These high-quality raw meats are then hand-packed into heavy-duty cans and sealed before cooking.
  • 4. The entire can is then put into special slow pressure-cooking chambers and then cooked until all the bacteria are killed, and the can is fully sealed.
    This process allows for a very long shelf life 15-20 years

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