Sure-Pak 12 Meals Ready to Eat (WITH -FLAMELESS HEATERS)

Sure-Pak 12 Meals Ready to Eat (WITH -FLAMELESS HEATERS)

SurePak12 with flameless heater MRE in sealed packaging SurePak12 meal MRE and sealed packaging NOTE: Dishes and utensils are NOT included
BE FULLY PREPARED The SurePak 12 meal case:
Five (5) year shelf life Fully prepared (nothing to add just open and eat— heating is optional) Delicious, Nutritional and Convenient.

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Product Description

Be prepared for the EXPECTED and the UNEXPECTED: and Enjoy a DELICIOUS HOT MEAL!

ORDER YOUR MRE's TODAY (MEALS READY TO EAT) **For large quantities or pallet quantities (48+ cases) please call 877-787-6800 for discounted pricing.**

Ordered fresh from the manufacturer(no warehousing) to assure our customers a top quality and long storable productmade in the USA.

The Sure Pak 12 meal case for:
Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes relief. Disaster preparedness. Annual training exercises. Search and Rescue operations. Mass feedings. Camping and recreational use.

What Makes the Sure-Pack™ Full Prepared Meal the Best Choice:
The technology finally allowed nutritious foods to be preserved and withstand storage for periods as long 130 months depending upon temperature conditions. These commercial meals are a natural for the vehicle for emergencies, stocking remote cabins and survival food caches.

Each meal provides approximately 1,200 calorie and includes the following:

    1-MRE Entree 1-MRE Side Dish 1-MRE Package of vitamin enriched crackers 1-MRE Cheese or Jelly spread 1-MRE Dessert (Cookies. Brownies, Pound cake) 1-MRE Fruit Beverage Drink Mix (makes 12 oz.)

Accessory pack includes:
Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Wet Wipe, Napkin, Spoon, Salt & Pepper. Each will store for 5 years, require no water or cooking and can be eaten hot or cold. MRE's are a quick and delicious way to store food for an emergency.

The Main Entrees used in Sure-Pak MRE meal cases can change frequently. The 6 menu types in your case (2 each of 6 menu types) depends upon the items currently being produced in their processing plants.

Entrees, typically found, subject to availability:
• Beef Steak w/ Mushroom Gravy • Grilled Chicken Breast • Chicken w/ Noodles • Cheese Omelet • Meatloaf w/ Gravy• Beef Ravioli in meat sauce • Chicken breast with chunky salsa • Chicken in Thai sauce • Beef Teriyaki with vegetables • Pasta w/ Vegetables in tomato sauce • Pork In Jamaican Sauce w/Noddles • Veggie Burger in BBQ sauce • Chili Macaroni • Beef Enchilada in sauce • Pork rib, boneless with smoke flavor • Vegetable manicotti in tomato sauce • Roast beef with vegetables

Side Dishes: • Buttered Noodles • Applesauce • Spiced Apples • Fruit or other.

Condiment Pack: • Spoon • Coffee • Cream • Sweetener • Salt • Black Pepper • Napkin • Moist Towelette.

Rations packs are varied and not selectable

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