Sani Dex Anti-Bacterial Wipes

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Sani Dex Anti-Bacterial Wipes BOX of 100

Kills 99.99% of all germs. Removes soil and bacteria. Contains moisturising aloe, glycerin and vitamin E.SANI-HANDS ALC Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes 2 x 2 Packets .... 5 X 8 Wipe Size Kills E.coli + 99.99% EFFECTIVE AGAINST GRAM POSITIVE & NEGATIVE BACTERIA, FUNGI & YEAST

A Healthcare Personnel Handwash that is Convenient & Easy to Use Pre-saturated with Antimicrobial Surgical Scrub with PCMX and 65.9% Alcohol ALOE & Vitamin E Enriched Formula wipes away soil while maintaining Skin Moisture Complies with new CDC Guidelines and OSHA