READYWISE 120 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetables

READYWISE 120 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetables

Item# hfeRW62120

Product Description

The Wise Company READYWISE 120 Serving Vegetable Buckets contain freeze-dried veggies that deliver the kind of nutrition you'll need in a crisis. The Wise 120 Serving Vegetable Bucket is one of the best options for providing you and your family basic nutrition needs in the event of an emergency. All food is packaged in Durable Polyester Film pouches and flushed with nitrogen so itíll make your mouth water every time. Unlike other brands, Wise Company food buckets are stackable containers complete with handles for the ultimate in portability and storage efficiency. Easy to Prepare, all it takes is a little hot water and a few minutes and youíve got a delicious meal to enjoy. Wise food is affordable and cost far less than comparable food storage. These veggies have all of their native flavors locked in, and will be good for years to come. That makes them ideal for anyone who is camping, hiking, hunting, or facing the challenges of enduring a crisis situation.

Whatís Inside?:

  • Fiber Rich Corn 4 Pouches, (8 Servings each)
  • Delicious Peas 3 Pouches, (8 Servings each)
  • Nutritious Broccoli 4 Pouches, (8 Servings each)
  • Hearty Green Beans 4 Pouches, (8 Servings each)
    25 Year Shelf life

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