RAD Triage Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter Card
Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeters monitor radiation exposure (10 – 10,000 mSv) in the event of a radiological terrorist attack or an accident at a nuclear power plant. When needed designed to be carried 24/7 and require no batteries, calibration or maintenance. When exposed to radiation, the sensing strip of develops blue color instantly and the color intensifies as the dose increases. Radiation exposure can be estimated simply by matching the colors of the sensing strip(s) with the adjacent color reference bars. Thus it provides the wearer and medical personnel information of any cumulative radiation exposure.
RAD Triage Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter Card

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Product Description

• RADTriage FIT™ (20mSv) Version
• Radiation Sensor: Develops a green/gray color, monitors 20-10,000 mSv (2 1,000 rad) and provides early warning to users.
• FIT™ (False positive/negative, Inactivation and Tamper) Indicator: Multi-indicator (1) dots changes from dark blue-to-red if heated maximum operating temperature, 90°C (2) area surrounding dots turns blue simultaneously monitors shelf-life expiration and/or if a false positive has occurred due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and UV/sunlight.
• Dose Integration: Cumulative
• Response Time: Instant
• Response Retention: Full
• Effect of Dose Rate: Negligible
• Uncertainty: Visually: Dimensions: Size of credit card (Length: 8.5 cm, Width 5.5 cm, Thickness 0.5 mm, Weight: 2 g)
• Energy dependency: Independent of energy (Over 30 KeV X-ray)
• Post radiation effect: 90-95% color development within minutes, the rest within hours.
• Effect of temperature of radiation: Negligible (less than 0.1%/°C over minus 20°C to plus 60°C)
• Maximum operating temperature: 90°C (Temperature on a car's dashboard under direct sunlight can reach as high as 80°C). FIT™ Indicator will monitor such exposure.
• Laundry resistance: Passes a few residential laundry cycles
• Effect of average humidity: None
• Effect of sunlight: Negligible for a week of average direct sunlight (two weeks of winter and a few days of summer sunlight). Dosimeters can be read a thousand times under sunlight. FIT™ Indicator will monitor overexposure to UV/sunlight.
• Effect of ambient light: Negligible for a month
• Support equipment: None needed to estimate dose
• Tamper Resistant and Tamper Evident: Other internal indicators for monitoring false positives, false negatives, and tampering.
• No electronics or moving parts, reliable, rugged and useful for triaging radiation exposure information and medical treatment.
• Shelf Life: One years at 22°C (room temperature) or when color of FIT™ Indicator matches its color reference bars. The cards can be kept in frozen storage for up to 5 years or more and still be good when brought to room temperature.
• Storage: Recommend keeping all cards you do not want to expire in the freezer until needed. (keep in freezer zip lock bag to protect from moisture damage to the manual)
• Recommend purchasing 2 or more cards to keep on hand when the current card expires.