RAD Triage Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter Card

RAD Triage Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter Card

RAD Triage Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter Card
Item# hfeem-720

Product Description

• RADTriage FIT™ (20mSv) Version
• Radiation Sensor: Develops a green/gray color, monitors 20-10,000 mSv (2 1,000 rad) and provides early warning to users.
• FIT™ (False positive/negative, Inactivation and Tamper) Indicator: Multi-indicator (1) dots changes from dark blue-to-red if heated maximum operating temperature, 90°C (2) area surrounding dots turns blue simultaneously monitors shelf-life expiration and/or if a false positive has occurred due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and UV/sunlight.
• Dose Integration: Cumulative
• Response Time: Instant
• Response Retention: Full
• Effect of Dose Rate: Negligible
• Uncertainty: Visually: Dimensions: Size of credit card (Length: 8.5 cm, Width 5.5 cm, Thickness 0.5 mm, Weight: 2 g)
• Energy dependency: Independent of energy (Over 30 KeV X-ray)
• Post radiation effect: 90-95% color development within minutes, the rest within hours.
• Effect of temperature of radiation: Negligible (less than 0.1%/°C over minus 20°C to plus 60°C)
• Maximum operating temperature: 90°C (Temperature on a car's dashboard under direct sunlight can reach as high as 80°C). FIT™ Indicator will monitor such exposure.
• Laundry resistance: Passes a few residential laundry cycles
• Effect of average humidity: None
• Effect of sunlight: Negligible for a week of average direct sunlight (two weeks of winter and a few days of summer sunlight). Dosimeters can be read a thousand times under sunlight. FIT™ Indicator will monitor overexposure to UV/sunlight.
• Effect of ambient light: Negligible for a month
• Support equipment: None needed to estimate dose
• Tamper Resistant and Tamper Evident: Other internal indicators for monitoring false positives, false negatives, and tampering.
• No electronics or moving parts, reliable, rugged and useful for triaging radiation exposure information and medical treatment.
• Shelf Life: One years at 22°C (room temperature) or when color of FIT™ Indicator matches its color reference bars. The cards can be kept in frozen storage for up to 5 years or more and still be good when brought to room temperature.
• Storage: Recommend keeping all cards you do not want to expire in the freezer until needed. (keep in freezer zip lock bag to protect from moisture damage to the manual)
• Recommend purchasing 2 or more cards to keep on hand when the current card expires.

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