Houdini Pro Rescue Tool

Houdini Pro Rescue Tool

Houdini Pro Rescue Tool
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Product Description

Houdini Pro is the preferred automotive rescue tool by many firefighters and police around the world. Each unit includes ..

WINDOW BREAKER - Spring loaded tempered glass punch lets you safely exit your vehicle

SEATBELT CUTTER - Quickly cuts through you seatbelt, even when your upside down

SAFETY WHISTLE - Signals for help up to 1/4 mile way

LED FLASHLIGHT - 5 lumen lamp lights the way with 10 hours of run time
The sole purpose of the Houdini PRO is to save lives. The PRO has been shaped for reliability, durability, speed, ease of use, and of course…… RESCUE.

The retractable cutting hook-blade slices through most cloth-like materials quickly and with little effort; while it’s hook-like design features a blunt/rounded end that grabs the desired material easily and with precision, helping to prevent further injury during rescue. The hook-blade retracts much like most common pocket knives and locks into position upon full extension.

The Houdini PRO also includes in its design, a spring loaded glass breaking, self-arming, and hardened steel pin center punch. When this mechanism is placed against tempered glass and depressed to the bottom of its stroke, the steel pin is fired into the glass which then breaks apart, eliminating the obstacle.

In addition the PRO contains an integrated 5-lumen LED flashlight. The light can be used as a standalone flashlight, but has also been angled to the cutting hook when engaged and is intended to illuminate the material desired to be cut in the case of obstructive smoke and/or insignificant lighting.

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