Heat Factory Hand Warmer Box of 12 Pairs

Heat Factory Hand Warmer Box of 12 Pairs

Heat Factory hand and hat warmers
Box of 12 Pairs lasts 10-12 hours.

Keep warm!

Heat Factoryฎ heat packs go just about any where to help keep you warm. Anything you do in the cold can be more comfortable with the heat packs! Football games, skiing, boarding, even sitting at your desk at work. You can put them in your gloves, pockets or hat. Only you know you have them keeping you warm while everyone else is cold.

The "Glove and Hat" heat packs last up to 10 hours. If unopened, the Heat Factoryฎ heat packs have a shelf life up to three years. So stock up! If you haven't completed the 10 hours, the process may be stopped by putting the Heat Factory warmers in an air tight container like a Zip-lock baggie. Later they can be open again and the remaining heating time of the warmer may be used. Heat packs are a soft light weight pouch containing a mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, sawdust and vermiculite that reacts to the air. When you open the package, an oxidation process takes place and heat up.

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Product Description

The Heat Factory Hand Warmer is a Heat Factory innovation that revolutionized the industry.

These lightweight pouches contain a mixture of non-toxic ingredients that, when exposed to air, create an oxidation process generating soothing heat.

Our Hand Warmers are the most popular size warmers and last 10 hours. They can be used in gloves, pockets, and any place where soothing heat is desired.

Heat Factory Warmers are used by the U.S Military, Police,skiing, hiking, backpacking, hunting or any outdoor activity.

• Stays warm longer
• Generate heat for up to 10 hours
• Simply open package to activate
• Compact 2.25" x 3.5" x .25"
• Slips into gloves or pockets
• Non-toxic ingredients
• 3-year shelf life
• Sold as pairs

Hand Warmers VERY efficient and affordable hand warmers! (Box of 12 Pairs)For Continuous Warmth Anytime...Anywhere Keeps you warm up to 10 hours!

Easy to Use: 1. Open outer package & remove pad 2. Shake gently 3. Place pad wherever warmth is needed.

To reuse pad within one week, store in airtight container.

Warmer must be in an enclosed area like a pocket to work properly. Pad will maintain an average temp erature of 50 degrees Celcius (122 degrees Farenheit) and a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celcius (156 degrees Farenheit) when used correctly.

Please read directions for proper use.

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