Field Survival Surgical  2-Suture  Kit

Field Survival Surgical 2-Suture Kit

Item# HFOES7

Product Description

f your camping, hunting fishing or in survival mode you never know when you may need to close up a wound until you can get to a higher level of care. Many survivalist believe having a suture kit is a must.Emergency Field Survival Surgical Suture Kit: Contains 7 surgical stainless-steel instruments. Includes 2 sterile sutures and a variety of other components:

• List of Surgical & Suture Kit Contents: • Iris Forceps • Iris Scissor • Mosquito Forcep • O.R. Scissor, S/B • Thumb Dressing Forcep • Utility Bandage Scissors • Webster Needle Holder • 8 Adhesive Bandages • 8 Sterile Gauze Dressings • 4 Antiseptic towelettes • 2 Alcohol pads • 2 Povidone Iodine Prep Pads • 2 Sutures with attached needle • Comes with a case to hold it all.

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