Multiperson Trauma Medical Kit (100 person)

Multiperson Trauma Medical Kit (100 person)

Item# fatra2

Product Description

Our 100-Person Multi-Trauma Medical Kit are an excellent addition for your Office building , Schools, House of Worship, Community Emergency Response Team(C.E.R.T.) and Search and Rescue Teams (S.A.R.S.) These Kits are packed in a rugged duffel bag ready to go.

Items Included: 12-Instant Ice 6 x 9 Bag, 2-Cervical Collar, 2-Splint Kit (1-18 &24 + Gauze & Pins), 20-Multi Trauma Dressing 12 x 30, 10-Triangle Bandage 38 x 52, 25-Bloodstopper, 2-Burn Care Kit (15 Pieces), 2-Penlight, 4-Bandage Shears, 25-Solar Blanket 6' x 4', 5-Paramedic Blanket 54 x 80, 10-Ace Bandages 3 x 5 yards, 1-Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules(Box of 10), 1-Body Bag, 100-1 x 3 Plastic Bandages, 100-1/4" x 3 Plastic Bandages, 1-Large Butterfly Bandages(100 Count), 15-Adhesive Tape 1 x 5 yards, 1-2 x 2 Sterile Gauze Pads(100 Count), 1-3 x 3 Sterile Gauze Pads(100 Count), 2-2" Non-Sterile Kling Gauze Rolls(12Pack), 2-Eye Wash (4 ounces), 2-Hydrogen Peroxide (4 ounces), 1-Alcohol (8 ounces), 1-Antiseptic Towelettes(100 Count), 2-Latex Gloves-Medium(100 Count), 1-Packed in a Duffel Bag(Trauma Medical Unit)

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