First-Aid Fanny Pack 48 Piece Kit

First-Aid Fanny Pack 48 Piece Kit

Item# fatk8g

Product Description

First-Aid Fanny Pack 48 Piece Kit Hiking-Biking-Camping Also an excellent small first-aid kit for the car. Even the office desk drawer. Kit Includes: 1-Fanny Pack, 1-Eye Wash, 2-Instant Ice Packs, 1-3 ACE Bandage, 1-Bandage Scissors, 1-First Aid Guide, 1-CPR Mouthpiece, 3-Iodine Prep Pads, 6-Pair Latex Gloves, 2-Water Gels, 3-2x2 Gauze Pads, 4-4x4 Gauze Pads, 1-Tissue Pack, 6-Alcohol Prep Pads, 1-1x10 yds Adhesive Tape, 1-Bio-Hazard Waste Bag, 1-Box 3/4x3 Bandages, 1-Tweezers, 1-Purell Hand Sanitizer, 2-Eye Pads, 6-Wet Naps, 1-Hydrogen Peroxide, 1-5x9 Combine Dressing Bandages,

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