Fire Blanket  56"X80"

Fire Blanket 56"X80"

Item# ee37c

Product Description

Emergency Fire Blanket and case. Treated to retard fire. Size 62" x 80"(4'-8" x 6'-8") Woven Cloth. 10 year guarantee.
Can be ordered with or without storage case.
This emergency fire blanket can be used to extinguish a small fire by smothering, or use it to wrap or shield yourself to escape a burning building.

  • Treated with DupontŪ X-12 for fire retardancy.
  • Fire retardant in accordance with the Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53.
  • A fire blanket works well on a kitchen grease fire.
  • Fire blankets should be kept in the kitchen near an escape route.
  • Can be used to wrap and extinguish a fire on a person.

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