Disposable Themometers ( BOX OF 100)

Disposable Themometers ( BOX OF 100)

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Product Description

Disposable Thermometers

Box of 100 disposable thermometers. Disposable thermometers by 3M, these oral TempaDOT thermometers are a single use clinical thermometer.

These soft, flexible, nontoxic thermometers are ideal for oral and axillary use. Designed for one-time use, these disposable thermometers accurately assess infant, pediatric and adult temperatures in 60 seconds, while also addressing the risk of patient cross-infection.

3M TempaDot Thermometers are accurate, convenient, versatile and economical temperature measuring devices. Clinically accurate oral body temperature can be obtained in 60 seconds and axillary temps are available in 3 minutes. TempaDot uses a dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature sensitive dots. Each dot changes color from tan to bright blue at a specific temperature. These color changes occur at 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.1 degrees Celsius higher than the previous dot. Body temperature is read from the numerical temperature scale of the last blue dot.

The 3M TempaDot Thermometer meets the Centers for Disease Control's "Universal Precautions" guidelines by reducing the exposure of health care workers and patients to contamination. Glass and electronic thermometers can carry pathogenic microorganisms that in turn can infect patients and staff as the thermometers are reused. Disposable TempaDot Thermometers save time because they do not require disinfections, and also don't require recharging and/or recalibration like some electronic thermometers. 3M TempaDot Thermometers do not have to be held while taking a patient's temperature, thus freeing up staff to check other vital signs.

Accuracy of the 3M TempaDot Thermometer is clinically certified to +/- 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit per ASTM Standard. The 3M TempaDot Thermometer has also been proven accurate for axillary use.

Due to their accuracy, sterility and convenience, 3M TempaDot Thermometers are used and endorsed by the American Red Cross and other medical institutions throughout the world. 3M TempaDot Thermometers have even been taken on board NASA space shuttle missions.

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