Complete Kit -55 Gallon Emergency Survival Water Package

Complete Kit -55 Gallon Emergency Survival Water Package

Item# wa133

Product Description

55 Gallon Emergency Survival Water Package:
You can now Safely store EMERGENCY drinking water
U.N. approved emergency water barrel, 5-year shelf life water preserver packet. This water preserver packet is designed to keep your 55 gallon water barrel free of contaminants thus providing clean portable drinking water. We also include a hand-operated siphon pump so that you won't be reliant on power in an emergency situation. Bung wrench and Tamper caps.

A fully loaded barrel of purified water will sustain about 65 people for 3 days of safe emergency drinking water.

Our 55 gallon Emergency Water Package is shipped via bulk freight and will arrive separately from other emergency items you order

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