Children Size Multi-Pocket DELUXE BACKPACK

Children Size Multi-Pocket DELUXE BACKPACK

Children Size Multi-Pocket DELUXE BACKPACK
Padded Shoulder Straps and several pockets.
Excellent as a "grab and go" emergency pack or use as a school backpack.
16" x 12"x 6"
Item# hfebcb

Product Description

Our Children Size Multi-Pocket DELUXE backpack is an ideal, quality backpack made for smaller individuals and children over 9-10 years. This backpack is not quite as large as the adult DELUXE "Survival" backpack and yet contains the same features. It is custom made to permit an individual to pack away personal items in the several roomy pockets provided. The Children Multi-Pocket Hikers backpack is durable, very strong and comes with padded shoulder straps, chest straps, a headphone hole, a reflective stripe. The dimensions are 16 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches and the words Survival Kit are discretely on the front of this backpack.

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