Heat Pax box of 40 single use 20 hour body warmers. Keep them in your car,emergency kit, while hiking or camping. There's nothing like the great outdoors in winter. But when you're cold, being outdoors isn't great at all. Large Warming Packs measure 4" x 5" and help you stay warm and comfortable so you can stay, play and work outdoors, while achieving peak performance. Designed to fit into our Heating Vests, Heating Seat and more. Can be slipped into pants pockets or positioned to soothe sore muscles. Body Warmers last upto 20 hours with an average temperature of 130F/54C. No shaking to activate. Ideal for hunting and other cold weather sports.
Heat Pax BOX of 40- 20 Hour Body Warmers

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Product Description

HEAT PAX™ will only produce heat when it has oxygen present. You simply insert the Heat Pax into specially designed pockets and it generates heat for up to 20 hours.  Heating can be stopped at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag. 
You can use the HEAT PAX for an hour and then store them for later use!
These body warmers heat up in just minutes. They last for 20 hours and heat up to 150 degrees with an average temperature of 130 degrees. Place within your sleeping bag or under clothing for optimal results.