Blood StopperTrauma Dressing

Blood StopperTrauma Dressing

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Product Description

Blood Stopper Trauma Dressing EACH

Safety is the most important thing you can give your employees or someone you are helping. OSHA demands safety in the workplace. Bloodoborne pathogens are a health risk as HIV, AIDS, and other occupational harzards grow in emergency medical situations. Take precautions by having Bloodborne Pathogen Kits on hand for any contingency.

Blood Stopper Trauma Dressing: A Sterile non-adherent, compressed bandage with attached gauze rolls is specifically designed to stop heavy bleeding.
A multiple purpose trauma dressing. You can also use the heavy blood stopper trauma dressing as a sling in securing splints.
Control heavy External Bleeding, Surface Wounds, Abrasions
The Bloodstopper includes an extra gauze roll that can be used as a pressure dressing.
By removing gauze roll use non stick surface to cover wounds.
The expandable wound pad can be used to cover burns.
Bloodstopper can be used as a sling or to secure a splint.

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