This DELUXE 19 Piece Auto Emergency Kit is a great addition for your car, truck or RV.
Being stranded on the highway is tough enough. Having essential supplies to help you deal with the situation is important. Makes for a perfect gift as well.
 Deluxe 19 Piece Roadside Emergency Kit

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Product Description

This DELUXE 19 Piece Auto Emergency Kit is great for everyone who owns a car, trucks or RV.

It's no fun when you are stuck along side the road and don't have some essintial items for safety while waiting for help or get you back on the road again. Or mabe your just a good samaratin and stop to help some else! This kit fits most all road emergency situations. Packed in heavy-duty backpack. Great gift item!
Order Several for friends and relatives. This kit fits many road emergency situations.
Packed in a heavy-duty backpack. Kit contains: 30 Minute High-Intensity Light Stick - Tow Rope - Auto Spot Light - Jumper Cables - First Aid Kit - Flashlight with Batteries - Fire Extinguisher - Solar Blanket - Waterproof Poncho - Swiss Style Army Knife - Flat Tire Fixer - Drinking Water - Leather Gloves - Whistle - Duct Tape - Utility Knife - Emergency Instructions and Help Sign - Wet Naps - Reflecting Triangle.