Survival Cave Meats 28 oz. can <br>By The Can

Survival Cave Meats 28 oz. can
By The Can

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Product Description

Survival Cave Meats by the 28oz. Cans:
Due to demand, our meat inventory and availability can change daily.
CHOOSE: BEEF - TURKEY - CHICKEN - PORK- GROUND BEEF Due to demand and limited supply we only have a few in stock.
All of Survival Cave meats are prepared in a way that makes them suitable for any canned food storage program, or for a great meal anytime. This is actually the highest quality Grade A choice meats in the marketplace and it is hand packed within manageable 28 oz cans enough for 9 servings. - Every single can, no water or broth added, simply the all-natural juices of the meat. Fresh mouthwatering healthy hand packed and cooked meat.

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