Survival Cave Veggie Bucket
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Veggie Variety -50 Servings Freeze Dried Survival Cave Bucket

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Product Description

Garden Vegetables Food Storage - 50 Servings
Sometimes you just need the vitamins that wholesome vegetables provide. This vegetable variety food storage package gives you the most popular vegetables and even provides you with a cheesy sauce to enhance the natural flavor of each of these hand selected vegetables. Each variety is packaged in special poly-metalized pouches and vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorber enclosed. This special packaging will keep your food storage vegetable variety fresh for up to 25 years.
  • Sweet Green Peas, 10 servings
  • Green Beans, 10 servings
  • Fluffy Mashed Potatoes, 10 servings
  • Sweet Yellow Corn, 10 servings
  • Delicious Cheese Sauce, 10 servings

You will receive a total of 50 servings in this food storage package in a easy to access plastic tub that stores easily in small places
Some of the benefits of this product are:
  • Packaged in polymetalized bags
  • 25 year shelf life
  • Bags are constructed with - zip lock type re-sealable tops
  • Oxygen absorbers are in each bag to retain freshness
  • They are all packaged in a small plastic bucket for easy storage