About the Product
  • Developed to enhance the physical and mental performance of U.S. Military personnel
  • Packs a wallop of balanced nutrition and tastes good too” (Popular Science magazine)
  • All natural, contains no trans-fat or high-fructose corn syrup
  • An ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat
  • 3-year shelf life makes SOLDIER FUEL perfect for preppers, Fire, Police and EMTs

"Soldier Fuel energy bars, an all-natural, zero trans-fat performance bar featured in the official U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide, tasted 1,000 times better than I expected."
- Bob Drury, Men's Health
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Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15
Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15 Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15 Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15 Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15 Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15 Soldier Fuel-Energy Bars Box of 15

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Product Description

Soldier Fuel Energy Food Bar - Military Grade

  • 1 Box is 15 Bars
  • 1 Case= 90 bars
  • 1 Need a full Pallet= 63 cases-CALL for pricing 1-877-787-6800

  • CHOOSE Flavors:
  • Real Chocolate
  • Real Peanut Butter

Fuel for elite performers.

Designed to fuel the world's most elite warrior-athletes, SOLDIER FUEL energy bars "pack a wallop of balanced nutrition and taste good too" (Popular Science magazine). The SOLDIER FUEL bar beat Balance Bar, Snickers Marathon, and PowerBar Triple Threat in a taste test conducted by the Washington Post. Engineered to provide Steady Energy with no spike and no crash, SOLDIER FUEL is featured in the official U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide. And now it's available to you.

The Steady Energy Advantage - no spike, no crash

Carbs are the secret to human performance. Period. Even the brain needs a dosage of glucose every day for optimum function. Soldier Fuel provides a burst of fruit-based simple carbs to give an initial energy boost, and then supplies a protein-modulated stream of complex carbs for Steady Energy. Throw in 17 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and a 10g hybrid protein blend incorporating both soy and whey, and you've got everything you need to soldier on.



    • 17 Vitamins and Minerals • 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio • Soy and whey protein • Complex carbs • Electrolytes • All natural • No trans-fat • No HFCS • Gluten-free
    Some unique elements about the bar can be seen below:
    • Halal Approved Food – Permissible for those of the Islam faith • Kosher Parve – Jewish/Yiddish term for no meat or dairy; Jewish approved food • Contains no Meat or Dairy products • Certified Gluten Free • Contains Soy Protein Isolate – easily digests & absorbs into body • Whey & Casein (dairy protein sources) NOT Used – Military requires 3 year shelf life for all rations given to soldiers

Real ingredients for real taste.
Why does Soldier Fuel taste so good? We get that question a lot. Our rich peanut butter flavor comes from the fact that we use real peanuts, and the secret to our Real Chocolate flavor is imported raw cocoa nibs from Spain. The same commitment to quality applies to every other ingredient, too. Soldier Fuel has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no excessive sweeteners (e.g. no high fructose corn syrup).
A lot of products claim to be all-natural. But many stretch the truth, because the FDA doesn't police the "all natural" claim very strictly. We take it seriously. For example, we pay more for things like our real all-natural Vitamin E, which is called d-alpha tocopherol. Some brands skimp and use the cheaper, artificial Vitamin E, dl-alpha tocopherol. (That extra "l" in "dl" is the hint that you're getting the cheap stuff.)
A few things to note from the nutrition information are the protein source and why its important that the bar is Halal approved. Soy protein was used as opposed to meat or dairy because it significantly extends the shelf life of the bar which the military requires. Also, considering what part of the globe our military has most recently been involved with, if the bars are Halal approved they are more widely accepted.
The Solder Fuel Energy Bars have won multiple taste tests when compared to similar energy/protein bars in the industry. The next time you plan on packing out for a hike, hunt, trip to the range, or reach for an energy bar, consider these as a viable option.