Mainstay 1200 Calorie Food Bar (Case of 25)

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Product Description

Mainstay 1200 Emergency Food Ration SOLD in case lots of 25 food bars

Mainstay 1200 Emergency Food Rations, and all of the Mainstay Emergency Food products, have come a long way from the early years of survival food. The intent of the Mainstay 1200 Emergency Food Bar is a much smaller package and lower calorie content.

Each Mainstay 1200 Emergency Food Ration has a 5-year shelf life, is non-thirst provoking, and withstands temperature extremes. Additionally, the Mainstay 1200, like the Mainstay 3600 and Mainstay 2400 Emergency Food Ration, meets U.S. Coast Guard standards and have packaging that meets Department of Defense Guidelines.

Each Mainstay 1200 Emergency Food Ration contains (3) 400-calorie meals in individualized potions. Mainstay Emergency Food is a must for any survival kit or adventure outing. The Mainstay 1200 Emergency Rations are sold by the case (25 each).