A 15 piece EMERGENCY safety kit.This kit could save your life.
15 Piece High Visibility Incident Kit

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Product Description

Be seen and SAFE when you're vehicle is near or along roadside.

Our High Visibility Incident Unit (15 piece)

1 Adult Poncho, 2 Collapsible Traffic Cone w/ light, 1 Legend Safety Vest, 1 Barricade Tape Caution, 1 Light Stick (yellow 30 min), 1 Brass Whistle w/Lanyard, 1 Heavy Duty Lumilite Zenon-2 "D" Flashlight, 1 Pair Alkaline ''D'' Size Batteries, 1 set of Work Gloves - 1 Reflecting Triangle w/stand, 1 Bloodstopper Trauma Dressing, 1 Nylon Cord, 1 8x10 Blue Tarp, 1 54 Piece First Aid Kit.