HeaterMeals Entrees’ Only, The Self-Heating Meal
HeaterMeals Entrees’ are available in case lots of 12 assorted meals or specified Entrees 12 meals to a case and have up to 2 year shelf life.
Choose from Mushroom Gravy Mashed Potatoes & Beef, Zesty BBQ Beef Sauce & Potatoes with Beef, Chicken Pasta Italiana, Vegetarian 3 Cheese Lasagna, Green Pepper Steak with Rice, Homestyle Chicken & Noodles & Gravy, or our case Assortment 2 each of 6 Entrees’.
HeaterMeals Entrees
HeaterMeals Entrees: The Self-Heating Meal
HeaterMeals Entrees: The Self-Heating MealHeaterMeals Entrees: The Self-Heating MealHeaterMeals Entrees: The Self-Heating MealHeaterMeals Entrees: The Self-Heating Meal

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Product Description

Whats Inside: HeaterMeals Entrée’ Self-Heating Meals
  • One 3/4 pound HeaterMeals Pouched Entree
  • Patented Innotech Products food heater
  • Water packet to start the food heater
  • Utensil package with spoon, napkin, salt, pepper, and salt-free seasoning packet

No Refrigeration Needed:
Up to a 2 Year shelf life, based on the production date.

33% Smaller Package:
Easy to store and distribute, less trash to dispose!

Easy-To-Use and Ready-To-Eat:
No handling required while heating!

Proven, Safe Heating Technology:
Biodegradable, Non-Toxic!
Proudly Made In The USA

Imagine, , , a meal that goes anywhere, requires no refrigeration, & heats itself. Shelf-stable meals combine patented heating technology, traditional canning & home-style cooking with these surprisingly good Heater meals.

Large 3/4 pound. Tasty Entree Biodegradable flameless Heater Water pouch to start heater. And NOW, Season to your Taste!
HeaterMeals NEW Seasoning packets Include:
-Salt & Pepper-Crushed Red Pepper-Mrs. Dash Original Blend

Heater Meals do not need refrigeration! We utilize home-style canning technology to ensure quality food and an 18 to 24 month shelf-life for HeaterMeals Dinner Entrees.

To warm-up your Heater Meals simply pour the enclosed pouch of water on the heater. The result is a tasty, hot meal in minutes.

Each HeaterMeals Entrée comes with everything needed to provide a hot meal anywhere, thanks to the patented TRUETECH TM self-heating technology in every box. Over the last 17 years, ZestoTherm, TrueTech, and HeaterMeals have heated over 900 million meals.