5 PERSON Family Support Kit for Three Days

5 PERSON Family Support Kit for Three Days

5 PERSON Family Support Kit for Three Days
Item# fsp05

Product Description


makes a great EARTHQUAKE EMERGENCY supplies kit for up to 5 people. Contains food and water for 3-days or more.

Add some of your own personal items like medications, a family communications call list,change of clothes and you will have a kit that is ready to go with many of the important essentials.

Designed to provide a small office or family with the basics for up to three days, the FSP-05 includes over 250 general and medical supply items. Its compact size makes it easy to store for quick and easy access.

This Kit Contains:

1 Pair Scisors
1 Bottle Aspirin (100 Count)
1 Elastic Bandage
1 Pair Tweezers
6 Sanitary Pads
1 Toothache Kit
3 Gauze Rolls
20 Adhesive Bandages
5 Bottles Mouthwash
2 Splints
1 Tube First Aid Cream
21 Alcohol Wipes
5 Dust Masks
15 Gauze Pads 3'X 3'
2 Rolls Adhesive Tape
30 Towlettes
24 Anti-Diarrhea Tablets
1 Bottle Water
Water Purification Tablets (50 Count)
1 Cold Pack
10 Tongue Depressors

Food And Water:
90 Mainstay Water Rations (4.225 Oz.)
5 Mainstay Food Rations (3,600 Calorie)

2 Flashlights W/Alkaline Batteries
2 Boxes Waterproof Matches (50 Count)
1 Radio w/ Alkaline Batteries
1 Pair Pliers
1 Carrying Case
1 Pry Bar
15 Infectious Waste Bags
1 Rope (50 Feet)
1 Deck Playing Cards
2 Pairs Of Working Gloves
10 Utility Bags
1 Whistle
5 Tissue Packs
12 Emergency Candles
5 Emergency Blankets
2 Rolls Duct Tape
1 Instruction Manual
1 Survival Knife

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