Two person 14 day Harsh Climate Kit!
Two person 14 day Harsh Climate Kit

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Product Description

This kit offers protection against harsh climates in the event of an emergency. It contains over 150 medical and general supply items to help sustain two people for up to 14 days. The space saving design combined with its ample supply of food and water makes this rugged kit a popular choice on board fixed wing, rotor craft, and corporate jets. It is also used extensively by Search & Rescue units!

CONTENTS: Flashlights with batteries Emergency blankets Candles Carrying case Duct Tape Emergency blankets Infectious waste bags Firesticks Playing cards Fishing Kit Rope Emergency manual Gill net Tissue packs Utility bags Water purification tablets Hand warmers Hatchet Insect lotion Mirror Mosquito Head nets Pencil/Paper set Pliers Pocket compass Razor blade Screwdriver Snare wire Survival knife kit containing: Wire, saw, extra compass, extra nylon line, sharpening stone, needles, extra fish hooks and leads, extra matches. Usage card Watertight container Water rations Waterproof matches Whistle Work gloves Food rations Adhesive bandages Adhesive tape Alcohol wipes Anti-Diarrhea tablets Aspirin Dust masks Elastic bandage First Aid cream Gauze pads Gauze rolls Instant cold pack Mouthwash Sanitary pads Scissors Splints Tongue Depressors Toothache kit Towelettes Tweezers