XCAPER Protective Masks

The most common cause of death in a fire situation is smoke inhalation.

The Xcaper Smoke Mask is a direct contact moist filter smoke mask that delivers unparalleled protection by trapping particulate matter and absorbing hazardous vapors and gases common to fires.

US Marshall's and over 40,000 firefighters use the same technology to protect them form smoke and gas inhalation

The Xcaper Smoke Mask is intended to be used for escape from smoke filled areas. The filter works effectively for 8-12 HOURS or longer, depending on conditions.

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The Xcaper Civilian Smoke Mask was tested by the Navy Safety and Survivability Office and recommended for use in Navy Facilities and Department of Defense Office Environments. The Xcaper® Smoke and Gas Mask is the newest and most advanced filter of its kind in the world with a simple and convenient design. Using patented moist filter technology, the Xcaper Smoke and Gas Mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins, such as Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide and 100% of particulate matter common to the smoke in fires. It is designed with an all-natural moisturizing agent that allows for easy breathing. The mask is effective for 30 minutes or longer depending on the conditions